About Us


Our story

Gojo Little Ethiopia  is a family-owned restaurant run by Atkilt Asefa. Gojo is named after “Ethiopian cottage” which is a cultural home typically found in the countryside. As a child, Atkilt’s grandmother owned an Ethiopian restaurant in Ethiopia. When he immigrated to Vancouver, BC he started hosting a radio show, concerts and other events in the Ethiopian Community. As his clientele grew, he wanted to expand and showcase more of his culture to Vancouver. On May 1, 2012 he opened Gojo Little Ethiopia.


Our cuisine

At Goio Little Ethiopia we proudly serve authentic Ethiopian dishes – including a wide selection of beef, lamb, chicken, fish and vegan options. All of our dishes are served with Injera – Ethiopian flat-bread. This bread is traditionally used in lieu of utensils, so dig in and enjoy hot Gojo meal!


GOJO VEGGIE COMBO I በየአይነት $15.99

Miser Wat, Tikil Gomen, Green Beans and Carrot, Gomen and Kik Alicha Wat.

CHICKEN DORO WAT I የዶሮ ወጥ $ 22.99

Spicy chicken stew with chicken leg, thigh and hard boiled egg. Served with Ethiopian cheese.