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Welcome to GoJo Cafe

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

At GoJo Ethiopian Cafe we proudly serve authentic Ethiopian dishes – including a wide selection of vegetarian options. All of our dishes are served with Injera – Ethiopian flat-bread. This bread is traditionally used in lieu of utensils, so dig in and enjoy this GoJo (hot) food!

We know that this might be a new experience for you so don’t be afraid to ask and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!
Enjoy the Ethiopian “goodness”!

Ethiopian coffee ceremony

Traditional Coffee ceremony

Coffee beans from Ethiopia ,birthplace of Coffee, roasted in front of you and brewed and served in traditional coffee cup.

By request only

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  1. Lyle Lexier says:

    I am going to have to come to Gojo Cafe and try this Ethiopian restaurant. I am not new to African food. I have been to the Ethiopian restaurant on East Hastings at Knight Street, the Eritrean restaurant on Broadway, and to another Ethiopian restaurant on Commercial Drive.

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